Zetsy Update 1.11.27

You may have ended up here simply by clicking one of the new features of the latest update.  I think this blog has been hidden or forgotten by the users.  This is the place to go to find all kinds of information about Zetsy,  Now we have made it simple and its staring at you right on the main page.   A lot harder to forget,  You probably saw a couple of other additions as well.  In the upper right hand corner is a clickable icon to our shop.   Zetsy is put together from a shop owner – so we know the pain of running an online business!   My wife runs the shop and I try to organize and help with the running of the shop.     Finally at the bottom is a new feature which we are experimenting with.  If your part of the Zetsy team and wish a little free publicity find the team discussion item on this and let us know.  We had one team member say “YES” and there she is.

There are a lot of changes under the hood in this feature as well.   A while back Etsy started putting in “Market Attributes” such as who made the item etc.   In this version these new attributes are now part of the Zetsy database and can be seen in the main listings output.   Another change is in the tags.   Categories and tags were mixed together until very recently by Etsy,    This lead to confusion because the first 1- 3 tags were the categories with the other being the tags.  Why do you care?   Tags can be anything, but categories are rigid and have to be from a select list.  If you changed a category this most likely would lead to errors.    On top of this you could have only 1 category meaning the tags would start at tag 2.  Confused?  It is understandable.  In this version the tags and categories are now separated.  Tags are tags.  This should yield less errors.   What happened to the categories?  They are currently being downloaded but we don’t currently have in the program the ability to change them.  Another feature for another version!

Another feature added to this is the ability now to screen the tags by the shop section.  Previously the shop section was not part of the download.  It is now and we’ve placed it the batch tags and the output listings.   As with of the columns in Zetsy you can filter the columns by right clicking the header column filter button and choosing from the drop down list.  This is seen in the screen shot below.

We also had some bug fixes.  Perhaps the most notable was the one where downloading more than 100 listings would send up the message that 100 listings had been downloaded and then Zetsy would continue on its way.   Now Zetsy will continue on WITHOUT putting up the bogus 100 listings have been downloaded message.   We also cleaned up the tag batch form a bit.  As always if you find a bug or desire a feature just let us know and we’ll do our best.



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