Zetsy Operation and Features.

Once installed, the first step upon loading the program is the button named SYNC.   This downloads all of the information to local storage and then operates on the downloaded data.   Zetsy rarely interacts with your shops data directly helping to prevent major errors.

Zetsy is a standard Windows program that is installed from our server.   It is a LOCAL program which resides on your hard drive.  The Etsy data also resides on YOUR hard drive.    Zetsy can download all of your imges and information and SAVE it.   Thus the program is a great method of keeping a “backup” of your shop.

Zetsy downloads all of the needed Etsy information locally.  Once downloaded, operations are FAST and do NOT depende upon internet speed.  All changes made at the local level are kept there until YOU decide to upload them to your shop.   Made a mistake upon review?  Not a button, either use the UNDO button or close the program and try again.



A video showing the download operation



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