Zetsy Installation and Troubleshooting

Upon running the program the first time, a few items need set-up.  The first of which is your shop’s name.

Enter the requested information.   It is important that a valid shop name be given since Zetsy checks for this.  Click the button on the right for <I agree to the terms of Service>.  If a valid shop name is found you will then be asked to allow Zetsy to access your shops information as “YOU”  Etsy will ask the following:  “An application is trying to connect to your account. You are signed in as _________.   An application Zetsy is trying to connect to your account.  “At the bottom of this screen is a blue button that states <Allow Access>. Select this.   All information used by Zetsy is stored on your local drive,    Note the authorization for shop at the bottom of the screen shows what shop is being authorized.

Uopn allowing access the program will return an authorization code which is stored on your local drive.   Generally, this authorization process needs to be done once.   If this authorization is successful you will be notified on screen.  After this the following check screen will be displayed:

The program checks many of the major operational calls of the program to insure everything is working correctly.   This screen van be brought up any time later.  Upon closing of this screen, you are now ready to run the program.   The main screen of Zetsy looks like the following:

Simply clicking the SYNC button will download all of your shops information.  After downloading you shops main logo should appear as well as some information about shop.   See the next screen for details.

If issues arise then a good place to start is to use the menu item Tools : Check Program Operation which will bring up the main diagnostics screen.    Zetsy uses a free Microsoft-supported support program for the data it stores.  If an error occurs that states OLEDB 12 errors, using the installation program provided by Zetsy should solve this problem.  We hope tpmake this more automated in the future as well.


A quick look at the program operations can be here in this topic http://zimpro.co/blog/zetsy-operation-and-features/

Zetsy uses Microsoft Access as the underlying database.   details of this can be in this blog topic.





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