Zetsy as an Etsy shop backup program

Unlike most of the Etsy apps, Zetsy creates a database file of your shop at the time of the last sync.   The name of this file is your shop’s name followed by “_auto”.   For instance our shop’s name MiladyCreations would have a backup file name of “MiladyCreations_auto”.    Each shop’s name has its distinct backup.   All these backups are located in the standard document folder on all Windows systems with the sub directory Zimpro (our company name).    The auto backup is standard and allows a much quicker syncing of your shop rather than downloading it over time.    Zetsy can be used with other programs and simply be used as a “backup” of your shop.   Your entire shop can be backed up to your local drive and then retrieved locally.

You can make multiple backups of your file corresponding to different times.   We would strongly recommend you do this since everytime you sunc the shop you update the “_auto” backup file with the latest from Etsy.   How do we do create multiple backups?  Choose the menu option Create database.   A Save as dialog will appear and you simply add the name you wish


The database file has now been created.   Now Sync your shop and all the shops data will go to this database.   You can tell this because upon successful completion the title bar at the top will show what database file is currently opened.  It will also show this as the Open File name

Now close the program and restart.   Upon restart you can now open this database and retrieve all of your shops information.  Most of the editing function in Etsy support Manual Change.  In the case of a backup you would choose Manual change and then simply update.  The update uses the saved information from the database and uploads them to your shop.   An example of this is shown below.

There is a wealth of information in the saved database.  The database is from Microsoft Access and you can use that program to explore its various features.  A blog topic on the Zetsy database is here http://zimpro.co/blog/details-on-the-zetsy-zet-file/


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