Bulk Edit of Attributes and Variations

Bulk Editing of Variations and Attributes

We now support all of Etsy’s new inventory points.   It is always good practice to try this on a few listings first to make sure the results are as you expect.  Zetsy supports running these listings on draft listings.  Draft listings are a good way to explore the various options.

Both Variations and Attributes start from the same form.  When you first enter the form you can either load a previously saved group OR create a new group.  When entering a new group the taxonomy of the listings need to be decided.   With Etsy Inventory, the Taxonomy decides on what options are available.   Each group name can have one series of attributes and one series of Variations.  You do NOT have to fill in both sections.

it is important to select the listings you wish to operate these functions on first.

There are two videos up on youtube going over some of the simpler aspects of variations and attributes.

A simple one variation bulk upload is shown here :

You can also do attributes from the same screen,  A simple attribute change is shown here:

The above are simple examples.  You can add two variations if desired.

If you have distinct prices on variations the second price MUST be the difference or addition to the first price.   This is a bit different than the way Etsy handles it in these cases.  If the second variation has no price changes enter nothing.   An upcoming video will be demonstrating this




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