Support of Multiple Shops

Zetsy supports multiple shops with private access to these shops.  Assuming that your initial shop has been set-up correctly, here is how to set up the second shop

(1) Access the Program Options form by choosing Tools : Program Options from the Menu bar.

(2) Put your second shops name in the Shop1 text entry.  In the example, myladybags is our second shop.

(3) Select OK and close the program.


(4)  Start the program again.  Below the large Sync with Shop button select the drop down box and select your second shop.  After selection you will be told that doing so will clear all data.  This is correct as this prevents two shops data  from being merged!

Now goto the Tools : Give autorization menu and bring up the Authorization menu.   Note that the seconds shop name should be appearing here.  Give authorization in the manner you did for the first shop.   The authorization codes are saved on your computer so you should not have to do this again.