Price Changes

There are several more powerful features of price changes that are topics elsewhere in our on-line documentation.  We will reference these as needed here, but the focus of this topic is simply a “simple” price change.   It is assumed these listings do NOT have listing variations, this is covered in a different posts  (see topic )

From the Main Menu, SYNC your shop  (see topic  Overview of Zetsy Operation  and topic Installation and Troubleshooting)

From the top menu select Pricing Batch Changes.


This will bring up the Price Change Form, an example of which is shown below.  Zetsy supports several types of price changes.  As of the August 2014 version it does the following:

Mark Down by %  ->  Prices will be marked down by a percentage.  For instance a 20% sale on a $10 item will be $2 off

Mark Down by Amount -> Enter the amount you wish the price reduced.

Sale Over ->  Used only for setting up a sale on Zetsy.   (See topic )

Mark Up by % ->  Prices will be marked UP by a percentage amount

Mark Up by Amount ->  Prices will be marked UP by the entered amount.

Enter either the percentage or price amount in the correct entry box (only the correct one will be enabled)

Select which items you wish for a price adjustment to be made by checking the CHANGE button at the very tight of every listing.   Item selection is the real power of this program as you can filter by almost anything.   See these topics for more information on filtering ( filtering-create-a-subset-of-nearly-anything).  The button above <Mark All> marks all the displayed items for change.   You can also filter using the columns that are displayed.   Hover your mouse at the top of each of the columns and a filter button will appear.   Selection of this will allow filtering here as well.

When you are ready for a price change select (push) the Update and Review button.


After this selection notice how the prices have changed in the displayed table.   This is the time to review the price list.  At this point you have NOT changed anything in your shop.   It is not until you select the button Upload to Shop that any price changes have occurred.


Once you select Upload to Shop the prices are quickly transmitted to Etsy and this progress is shown on the bottom and in the top right memo box.   The success or failure of the price changes will be displayed in this memo box.










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