Increasing Relevency on Etsy


This post is tied into the Zetsy analytics tool but gives a more detailed look at tags and titles and how to use them to increase relevency.

Listed below are impact statements for increasing search relevancy on Etsy.  The impact of many of these statements below can be observed using the top tags output of the Zetsy Analytics tool.   The Zetsy Analytics tool was first implemented in the September 2013 version nad has been improved and increased since that time.  The tool is designed to provide useful information based on these impact statements.

(1) Have the exact phrase  in your title AND on a tag. Both places. You need to choose descriptive keywords for your titles and very important in placing the strongest words first
(2) A tag phrase is generally better than having the terms as separate tags.   Go through each tag and see if there is a better, more search-friendly alternative for the tag.   Zetsy can help in this by giving relevant tags and phrases.
(3) Recency of listing/renewal (this is most evident in the largest searches)
(4) Title composition – sometimes moving the phrases around in a title can have a dramatic impact on your relevancy ranking; other times it has no impact.
(5) “Shopper search behavior in aggregate” – what people do with the listings when searching & browsing Etsy features.   Shopper search behaviour in aggregate” (a direct quote from Etsy admin) is mainly clicks & hearts from the search & other areas of Etsy. Please note the impact of these views fades over time; i.e., a click from the search this week is worth more than clicks you got two months ago. I did a test on that.

At this time, we know (because admin has said so, & because I have also tested this where possible) that relevancy is NOT based on:
• Descriptions
• Materials
• Attributes (style, occasion etc.)
• Tag order
• Number of listings in a shop
• Number of hearts or views the item or the shop has in general
• Searcher location or any other personalized search elements
• Repeating a word in the title or in the tags more than once
• Listing categories
• Punctuation – this does not affect Etsy relevancy at all
• Single word tags (they do NOT make you more relevant for a single word search)

Entering keywords into the search bar at the top of the page  will give you suggested searches – these are searches that real people have done on Etsy, & they are also useful because sometimes buyers will simply select the suggestion rather than typing their own query. These are phrases you want to use.   While Etsy does not tell us how often each term is searched on Etsy, the Zetsy analytics tool WILL tell you.

with Etsy relevancy as words that appear at the beginning of your title are given more weight  & “Exact word pairs are given more weight”!   “Put the most descriptive words at the front of your titles and tags”.
This information has been pulled from several places on the Etsy site.  References include the following:…


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