Image Addition , Replacement, and Deletion

Image Editing

This option lets you easily add, replace, or delete images.  You can sort by listing ID and rank.  A rank of 1 corresponds to the main image.  First Choose an action.  You can

(1) replace marked images.  This assumes an “empty” space is avialable (4 images for the listing or less.

(2) insert an image to the last of the series

(3) Delete the image .

Then clcik the button that says browse for an image.  Choose an image.  When one has been successfully chosen it will show up just ot the right of the button.   Now mark the images and/or listings.   This is the upload button on the right side.   When completed choose the upload changes and these images will then be completed.   As the change occur, information will be displayed at the bottom of the form.






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