How to Change Listing Descriptions and Titles

A further reference on how to filter the listings is shown here :

To replace text, do the following steps in order:

1) Select what to do : Modify Description

2) How to Chance : Replacement Test

3) In the Find (Text to replace) Input box:  type or copy/paste what you wish to replace.

4) In the input box labeled … replace wth the following text :  Type the replacement text.

An example of what your screen should look like is shown below.




In the grid on the right-hand side is the update check mark, this selects the listings you wish to search and replace.   You can do each one OR choose the button at the top that says <Update All>  All listings being shown in the frid will now be selected.

Choosing the button Update will execute the update.    An example screen of this si shown in screenshot below.   Note that after successfully running it the change has been made in the description AND the program tell syou that it has made a 110 changes.   Please note that NO changes have made to your shop yet, giving you a chance to review these changes for accuracy.   If it is ready then choose the Upload to Shop button.

When you upload to the shop, the listings being changed will appear at the bottom of the screen.  At the end it will state the success.

A video of this process is also available


A quick video on how to do abother type of description and title changes is also available:


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