Downloading and Saving your listings

Downloading and saving your listings is one of the things that makes Zetsy different in the Etsy shop management tools.  Zetsy essentially takes a snapshot of your shops listing information and images then downloads them to a local file on your computer.   The downloading step is like with downloading anything off the internet and is dependent upon a host of factors.  Once your listings are downloaded they exist on YOUR computer … and that generally makes operations fast.   All editing is saved locally UNTIL you load them to your shop.  This information is kept locally in the Access database.   We are currently using Access 2007 as the native file structure,   Although Zetsy uses this file structure you only need Access on your system if you wish to directly access this file.   It is possible to convert this information into Excel as well.

You can influence the speed of downloading by choosing what items you wish from your shop.  Large pictures take the longest and should be avoided unless you making catalogs or doing image editing.  Right below the download button is a check mark for image downloads.  This controls whether images are downloaded or not and generally this should be left on.   The other button grayed out in the display below is Update listings.   If you have a saved database and wish to update the listings in this database with the information currently in your shop.  Check this button.

To save time if Zetsy encounters a listing already in the database it skips it UNLESS the update button is checked.   New listings are always downloaded.   These complications are added for very large shops (>100) to save on the time needed to retrieve shop information.

The real choices for image downloading can be found under the Tools| Program options is the following menu item.  Notice at the top are two number entries, Download Pic # and Download Full Size image #.    The number of small images downloaded is controlled by the first one.  The default is 2 since two images can be found in the listing form.  The full size images are important for catalog display or image editing.     Full images take more time to download and will take up the most resources.  If you don’t need them then don’t download them.  For image editing (the subject of an upcoming blog entry) large images can be downloaded one at a time.   The default number is zero and generally this entry should not be larger than 1.   This also is the place which states where the pictures being downloaded reside on your system.   All of your Etsy images downloaded are here.  They are labeled with the Etsy image ID number which is not intuitive at all.  With the Zetsy database though the images and listing information can be rapidly assembled back together again.


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