Details on the Zetsy (*.zet) file

This post is addressed to those curious about the file structures used by Zetsy and whether they can be accessed.   First make  sure a basic understanding of the program is known.   Further information on this cna be found at  zetsy-operation-and-features/.

Behind the scenes of Zetsy is a Microsoft Access database that contains all of your store’s downloaded information.   The relevant files can be found in the My documents folder with Zimpro as the subfolder (Zimpro in case you wondered is the name of our little family company).     In the Zimpro folder you will fins all of the saved Etsy store files (labeled as *.zet files).   An additional  subfolder named Pics is also contained here.   The subfolder Pics contains all of the images which have been downloaded.     The images all have numerical names.   These numerical names correspond to the image listing numbers maintained by Etsy.   The Zetsy database contains links to all of these images.   There are two types of image listings, a small image file used in Zetsy for viewing listings in the tables and those ending in _full.   Those image files ending in _full are the full image files of maximum resolution loaded into Etsy.   These are the files that should be used for archival purposes and for image manipulation.

An example of the Zetsy Access database is shown below for the image lists.   On the left side are all of the tables in Zetsy.  The table loaded is the ImageListings with the hyperlinks to these both on the internet and the local files.   I have not really geared these tables for normal user use.   This is a normal Access database and with the documentation that can found at most of the information here can be followed.   The link is the developer documentation that Etsy provides.   The Zetsy database follows this structure for the most part, but there are differences.


It is obvious when looking at the Access 2013 screen above that the current user-interface of Zetsy is modeled after this.   (That of course is both a strength and a weakness!)

There are two portions on the main screen that are important for the database.  The top arrow is a button which shows for each listing how many images are downloaded.  The default setting is for all of the image listings to be small.  Clicking on this button gives access to how many and the size of these images.   Downloading all of the images as full size will of course take longer than any other option.  The lower arrow points to a checkbox which determines whether the database is automatically created and updated.   If the database is automatically created the file file is saved as your YOURSHOPNAME_auto.zet in the Zimpro directory as described above.




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