New Tile View For Rapid Looks and Selection of Listings

Starting with the March 2015 revision of Zetsy, a new Tile view can be access with downloaded listings and saved databases.   After the listings view have been selected a button stating Tile view is now on the upper left.  Selection of this will switch the view to a Tile View which looks like the following screenshot.

At the moment its a simple view, but rapid selection of listings through this view is coming.



Zetsy Operation and Features.

Once installed, the first step upon loading the program is the button named SYNC.   This downloads all of the information to local storage and then operates on the downloaded data.   Zetsy rarely interacts with your shops data directly helping to prevent major errors.

Zetsy is a standard Windows program that is installed from our server.   It is a LOCAL program which resides on your hard drive.  The Etsy data also resides on YOUR hard drive.    Zetsy can download all of your imges and information and SAVE it.   Thus the program is a great method of keeping a “backup” of your shop.

Zetsy downloads all of the needed Etsy information locally.  Once downloaded, operations are FAST and do NOT depende upon internet speed.  All changes made at the local level are kept there until YOU decide to upload them to your shop.   Made a mistake upon review?  Not a button, either use the UNDO button or close the program and try again.



A video showing the download operation


Creating a Sale in Zetsy

To create a Sale in Zetsy, follow these few quick steps.

From the Main screen either open a saved database of your listings(Menu : Open Database) or click the big green button saying Sync with Etsy Shop.  To create a sale you must have have allowed Zetsy authorization for your shop.  Details are elsewhere in this blog.   (The current versions of Zetsy will detect this for you).  After either opening a database or syncing with your shop the main screen should look like this.  Note on the right side is info about you shop and your shops banner.

Once you have the information downloaded you go ahead and save this into a new database.  This is NOT absolutely necessary but when running a sale it makes things easier.  After this your ready to create your sale.  Goto the Menu item Price Batch Change.  This will bring up the following screen

You can select the listings in your shop you wish to put on sale.  You can either implement a sale manually by simply reducing prices or you can have Zetsy automate some of these features.   The button <Sales features> on determines this.  Selection of this brings up the Sale feature screen which is shown below.

One has to select which items can go on sale in Zetsy.

Selection of this by the last column which states update.   A check mark needs to appear here for the listing to be updated.  Clicking the button above this that says Mark all displayed will do just that.  On the top left the price method changes available are shown.  For a sale you can choose Sale – Dollar Off or Sale – Percent Off. Check which one.  In the example below we have selected Percent off and dialed in 10%.  Note how the Update and Review Button is now enabled.  When done selecting the items click the Update and Review button.  Notice what has happened in the grid.    The Current Price and the regular price are shown as well as a check mark that states sale.  At this point NOTHING has changed in your shop.  If something is not right its easy to change it at this point.  Note the Yellow Info box states the number of price changes ready for implementation.



If everything looks good you are now ready to upload the changes to your shop.  Click the upload button.  You will be presented with a confirmation box and then a progress bar will show as the changes are implemented.  When the changes are done the form will look like the next form.  Note how the info box states that we’ve been successful.

You can now check your shop and see that the prices have been changed.  Close this form and then save the database.  You can close the Zety program.