Tracking the Treasuries you are in

A simple blog entry about one of the “simple” features.  Did you know that Zetsy can easily track and update you in Treasuries that one of your items are in.  Assuming you have your shop selected on the main page, simply select from the menu <Shop Info> | <Shop in Treasuries>.  Upon doing that a new form will open and look similar to the following.

Note that each column shops a picture of the item from your shop that is in that treasury.  The number of views for the treasury and the number of comments for that treasury is also shown.  You can easily scroll through all of the recent treasuries that you items have landed in.  Want more information?  That is also easy with Zetsy.  Simply click on the treasury ID and a new browser window will open to that treasury.

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Tracking Views over time

Did you know that with Zetsy you can track views over time quickly and easily>  It is not perhaps intuitive on how to get this information (and thus the point of this blog!).  Note with Zetsy there are tabs on the left side.  The tab that says views bring up a graph which shows the number of views.  Simply by clicking the green button that says <Download Current Views> the number of views from the last save of the database is shown for each listing.   Many things in Zetsy are point and click and the view screen is certainly no exception.  Click on any bar and the listing main image is displayed in the upper right hand.  An example of all of this is shown in the screenshot below after clicking on the bar that says 40.   Thus the Christmas tree skirt shown has had 40 views in the last 365 hours.  You can quickly

see that only certain items are generating numerous views.  Want more information about the item displayed displayed.  Simply click on it.  Clicking on the image brings up the listing information screen with this listing displayed.  Most of the listing information is displayed (and can be edited) here.