Adding and Removing Headlines to Images


Headlines used in Sales

This topic is linked to Setting up a Sale.  As part of a Sale set-up the user can request image changes to go along with the sale.  These image changes add and subtract Image Headlines (abbreviated HL).  Headlines are placed at the top of the image and added to the image.  No loss in resolution of the main image occurs.   Through the Image Headlines one can set-up specific sale images and changes the size, color, and font of the sale.

Editing and uploading Images requires that Zetsy has authorization.  Authorization is shown by the appearance of a key and the words “Priv Access” at the bottom left of the main menu.  How to set-up authorization can be found here.  To edit images, the FULL Images need to be downloaded.  This can be easily accomplished by clicking the Image button under choose additional.

 Add / Subtract Headlines

A short video showing the capability of the oprogram is shown below.  All of this can be set-up automatically in the setting up of a sale.

From the Main Menu, choose the edit Image functions.  This will bring up the following form.  Adding watermarks has already been covered in another blog topic.   Any settings changed here will be kept locally, you will NOT have to keep doing this for each sale.  Choose <Headline> from the list of functions on the left side.  As with watermarks you can choose the text, the font, the font color, and the font size.  In addition to the items used for watermarks you can select the size of the headline and whether you wish to add a sale image.  The size of the headline is in percent of the original image.   For instance setting this to 10 means a headline the size of 10% of the original image size will be added.   To add a sale image, choose from the drop down box <Add Promo Image>.   A few choices exist now, more will be coming.   If you want something special be sure to convo us with your request..    The addition of a sale image headline is shown below.

The HeadLine function of Zetsy

The HeadLine function of Zetsy

Note that if you hover the mouse a handy help menu will show up for many of these functions.

When you are ready to add the headline text now, simply hover over the shown image and right click the mouse.  The Image will change and the headline will be added to the top.   If the image is acceptable, click the check button on the image controller immediately above the image  (this control is the one used to scroll through the images).  Click the upload button and the changed image with headline is added to your Etsy shop.

Important:  For Sales there is NO NEED to upload the changed images as this is don automatically by the Sale Price Change feature.   The Setup of the Headline is still done here.


To REMOVE a headline, the Image function selection should be on Remove HL.  As with the addition of a headline, click the image with the left mouse button once.  The headline is now removed.  The removed image can also be uploaded to your Etsy shop.    Be sure to remember the headline size you originally entered as you ccan start removing portions of the image if you are not careful.   Specifics about image locations and the Zetsy database can be found here.



Watermark Addition

With Zetsy it is  simple to add Watermarks to your images.  Lets take a look at how this is accomplished.

Watermarks are done on the Main LARGE images of your listings.

There are two ways of getting to the images.

(1)  From the Main Menu select Edit Images.  Unless you have selected to download the large images these images will not be displayed.  When the image for a listing is blank you can select the Download button and the image will be retrieved.

(2) Another way of getting to all of a listings images is through the shop card view.   Selecting Filter/ Review Listings from the Main Menu will bring up the filter screen (see the section on filtering).  On the left side of the filter select card view and the following will be brought up

Choose the show ALL full size listings here and all of that listings full size images will be downloaded.   This step may be a bit slow because all of the FULL SIZE images for this listings is downloaded from Etsy onto your computer.  Note all of the information that comes along with the download.  The so-called rank of the image corresponds to where the image is located on your listings.  A rank of 1 corresponds to the main image of the listing.  You also see when the image was created on the Etsy system (e.g. uploaded by you)