Export Functions

Zetsy has powerful export functions that can manipulate what is output and how it is output.   Output Layouts can be saved and retrieved; thus once set-up is completed it is easy to bring back the layout form.

Export functions are on the left side of the Layout listings form.  Several export functions are available.  These are :

(1) Export Grid :  The current frid layout is saved as seen.

(2) Layout Save :  The current layout as displayed is saved as an XML file that can be retrieved.

(3) Layout Open:  Layouts previously saved can be retrieved.  Specific cutom-made layouts cna be retrieved here.

(4) Add Col: A custom additional field can be added here.  More importantly, these custom fields can have expressions added to them through the expression editor.   This allows custom changes based on available fields to be made.

(5) PipeSep:  An advanced function that takes the pipe fields and separates them into individual custom columns


A screenshot of the export function display is shown above along with the location of the various functions availble to the user.   Below is a short video looking at the major functions.  note that you can drag the columns and place them in the order you wish.  By right clicking you bring up a menu where columns can be added or removed.  This feature allows one to construct an output tailored to about any need