Bulk Edit of Attributes and Variations

Bulk Editing of Variations and Attributes

We now support all of Etsy’s new inventory points.   It is always good practice to try this on a few listings first to make sure the results are as you expect.  Zetsy supports running these listings on draft listings.  Draft listings are a good way to explore the various options.

Both Variations and Attributes start from the same form.  When you first enter the form you can either load a previously saved group OR create a new group.  When entering a new group the taxonomy of the listings need to be decided.   With Etsy Inventory, the Taxonomy decides on what options are available.   Each group name can have one series of attributes and one series of Variations.  You do NOT have to fill in both sections.

it is important to select the listings you wish to operate these functions on first.

There are two videos up on youtube going over some of the simpler aspects of variations and attributes.

A simple one variation bulk upload is shown here :

You can also do attributes from the same screen,  A simple attribute change is shown here:

The above are simple examples.  You can add two variations if desired.

If you have distinct prices on variations the second price MUST be the difference or addition to the first price.   This is a bit different than the way Etsy handles it in these cases.  If the second variation has no price changes enter nothing.   An upcoming video will be demonstrating this



Selecting a group of items to Batch Edit

It is easy to batch edit a group of just about anything on Zetsy.  You select a group from the Main Filter Listings screen.   For example by placing the mouse over the filter icon on the SECTIONS column label you bring up all of the possible selections.   In the example below the SECTION column  has been filtered to show only animal prints.



These selections are shown in the picture below.   This menu is the one shown by clicking on the filter button at the top of each column .  If you familiar with Microsoft Excel filtering its identical to that.


Select Borders and Baticks and click OK.   At this point select the button  <Select All Displayed> and the <Global Filter ON> button.


Now you can open up any of the other editor / report functions and ONLY the above selected items will be displayed and be able to be altered.


Image Addition , Replacement, and Deletion

Image Editing

This option lets you easily add, replace, or delete images.  You can sort by listing ID and rank.  A rank of 1 corresponds to the main image.  First Choose an action.  You can

(1) replace marked images.  This assumes an “empty” space is avialable (4 images for the listing or less.

(2) insert an image to the last of the series

(3) Delete the image .

Then clcik the button that says browse for an image.  Choose an image.  When one has been successfully chosen it will show up just ot the right of the button.   Now mark the images and/or listings.   This is the upload button on the right side.   When completed choose the upload changes and these images will then be completed.   As the change occur, information will be displayed at the bottom of the form.





How to Change Listing Descriptions and Titles

A further reference on how to filter the listings is shown here : http://zimpro.co/blog/filtering-create-a-subset-of-nearly-anything-example-of-title-search-and-replace/

To replace text, do the following steps in order:

1) Select what to do : Modify Description

2) How to Chance : Replacement Test

3) In the Find (Text to replace) Input box:  type or copy/paste what you wish to replace.

4) In the input box labeled … replace wth the following text :  Type the replacement text.

An example of what your screen should look like is shown below.




In the grid on the right-hand side is the update check mark, this selects the listings you wish to search and replace.   You can do each one OR choose the button at the top that says <Update All>  All listings being shown in the frid will now be selected.

Choosing the button Update will execute the update.    An example screen of this si shown in screenshot below.   Note that after successfully running it the change has been made in the description AND the program tell syou that it has made a 110 changes.   Please note that NO changes have made to your shop yet, giving you a chance to review these changes for accuracy.   If it is ready then choose the Upload to Shop button.

When you upload to the shop, the listings being changed will appear at the bottom of the screen.  At the end it will state the success.

A video of this process is also available


A quick video on how to do abother type of description and title changes is also available:

Price Changes

There are several more powerful features of price changes that are topics elsewhere in our on-line documentation.  We will reference these as needed here, but the focus of this topic is simply a “simple” price change.   It is assumed these listings do NOT have listing variations, this is covered in a different posts  (see topic http://zimpro.co/blog/price-variations-how-to-edit/ )

From the Main Menu, SYNC your shop  (see topic  Overview of Zetsy Operation  and topic Installation and Troubleshooting)

From the top menu select Pricing Batch Changes.


This will bring up the Price Change Form, an example of which is shown below.  Zetsy supports several types of price changes.  As of the August 2014 version it does the following:

Mark Down by %  ->  Prices will be marked down by a percentage.  For instance a 20% sale on a $10 item will be $2 off

Mark Down by Amount -> Enter the amount you wish the price reduced.

Sale Over ->  Used only for setting up a sale on Zetsy.   (See topic http://zimpro.co/blog/creating-a-sale-in-zetsy/ )

Mark Up by % ->  Prices will be marked UP by a percentage amount

Mark Up by Amount ->  Prices will be marked UP by the entered amount.

Enter either the percentage or price amount in the correct entry box (only the correct one will be enabled)

Select which items you wish for a price adjustment to be made by checking the CHANGE button at the very tight of every listing.   Item selection is the real power of this program as you can filter by almost anything.   See these topics for more information on filtering ( filtering-create-a-subset-of-nearly-anything).  The button above <Mark All> marks all the displayed items for change.   You can also filter using the columns that are displayed.   Hover your mouse at the top of each of the columns and a filter button will appear.   Selection of this will allow filtering here as well.

When you are ready for a price change select (push) the Update and Review button.


After this selection notice how the prices have changed in the displayed table.   This is the time to review the price list.  At this point you have NOT changed anything in your shop.   It is not until you select the button Upload to Shop that any price changes have occurred.


Once you select Upload to Shop the prices are quickly transmitted to Etsy and this progress is shown on the bottom and in the top right memo box.   The success or failure of the price changes will be displayed in this memo box.









Price Variations : How to edit

Zetsy supports price variations.  A column called “variation” denotes whether a listing has variations or not.   In addition, on the left side when variations are available a plus sign will appear.   Clicking on this plus sign will open a drop down where the variations for that listing can be observed.   Pricing changes function as they do without variations EXCEPT now all variation options prices are changed now too.

For complete details on price changes please see the topic on running a sale.


After a Markdown the screen will appears as the following.   Note the regular price has been saved in the database.  Also note that in the right upper part of the screen the success of the update is noted.


The pricing impact on the listing can now be observed immediately.