Batch Editing of Tags

With Zetsy there are many ways of looking at and changing a listings tags.   Unfortunately all of this power can make things somehwat complex.   You can do the following

  • * Add to tags, delete tags, replace tags, or reorder Tags
  • * View your Tags by Listing along with an image of the listing
  • * Filtering by one or more tags to find Listings that contain, do not contain, or only contain the tag in question
    * Apply a tag to many Listings in a single Action

A sample video of the Zetsy tag replace functions are shown in the video below.   This is followed by some more details of is shown in the video.

From the Main Menu open up the Batch Tag Editor. By using the Global Filter you can filter the listings to nearly anything.   In this tutorial we’ll assume that this has already been accomplished.  First Choose what you wish to do with tags :  Replace, Add, Delete, or switch the order of tags.  For this example let us replace a tag.  Simply select this in the menu.  Now how to choose what to replace.   First notice in the screen below that the Tag Text add/ replace box has been populated with relevant tags.   This is becuase we had first completed a look at the tags through the analytics feature (a blog article on this is here).

Zetsy uses many of the conventions one finds in Microsoft Office products.  Hover over the top of the column and a filter button appears.  Select the filter button and a drop down oix appears of ALL of the ietms currently selected.  Selecting one of these will filter the list of tags to this selection.


Selecting the word animal from this list filters the list to only those tags using the word “animal”.  To replace this tag add the words you wish to replace the tag “animal” with.  In this example we chose the words “animal tree skirt”.   Of the filtered item choose the tags you wish to change.  You can check these one at a time or click the button < Mark all Displayed>  The entire column of “Change” is now marked.  Choose the button Update Selected Tags.   All of the tags of “animal” are now replaced by the words “animal tree skirt”.  The replaced column now shows the word “animal”

At this point, NOTHING in your shop been changed.  I f you have made a mistake click the Clear Updates button and start over again.  IF what you see is correct and you wish to change these tags in your shop click the <Upload to Shop> button.   If what you see is NOT what you want select the <Clear Updates> button.

The updated tags are now uploaded to your shop.


Zetsy has one of the most powerful filtering functions available.  An example of this is shown next.  When selecting the filter, instead of choosing from the items in the drop down box use the custom auto filter.  This is shown next


we typed in Is Like  and Black % in the enter box to the right.  By this selection any tag with the word black is selected.




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