Auto-Renew Function

The choosing of the listings for auto-renew can be done a couple of different ways.  The following video shows the set-up of a few listings for auto renew using the universal filter feature of the program..

The video shows the following set-up.

After adding listings to the grid, choose the increment renew time by using the drop down box.  After this choose the offset time with the next drop-down box.   To the right of the drop-down box is the button to enter these times into the grid.  Note that we have populated the grid now with a To-do time and date.  To the right of this is the completion time and Completed check.   The Ecode box will ONLY be filled if an error was recorded by the renewal.  A successful start of the auto-renew function is shown below.  A description of the inputs needed are:

(1) Increment renew time by.   This is the time between each renewal.   The time between each renewal is given down the To Do time column.  There is a wide range of selections available.

(2) With a Start Time of.   The lag time before the renewals begin.  The initial time is given at the top of the To Do time column.

After entering each of these times, choosing the <Add Times> button will populate the To Do Time column with the scheduled renewal time.  If you make a mistake, choose the <Clear Que> button to clear all of the times.

For each of the listed columns or input boxes, if you allow the mouse to hover over the column a tool tip should pop up giving a description of the item.  For instance the first column Proc shows this refers to Processing Time order.

Now the next video shows auto-renew in action and how you can tell that everything is working.  Note in the program tray, lower left hand corner that the auto renew symbol is displayed.   What is not seen in the video is that when renew takes place, a notice is displayed at the very right hand bottom of your screen.   Auto-renew will continue to run until q time unit AFTER the last listing renewal.  At the end you can either erase the list or start again.


You can check whether these have been renewed immediately by going to your listings page.  I’ve highlighted the two listings that were renewed in the auto-renew function.   At the beginning these had expiration dates of Nov. 4th




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