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Setup and Initialization of Zetsy

For new users this seems to be confusing and we're working on trying to simplify this step further. There are two tutorials and help sections which are the most important to unlocking all of the features of Zetsy, one for downloading listings and one for setting up authorization. We use standard Flash video for these. If your having trouble with viewing these, try downloading the latest from the Adobe web site which is HERE.

The Authorization tutorial below goes over what is needed to set-up authorization. Etsy uses an authorization step which is referred to as Oauth. This authorization is NOT needed if you want to download ACTIVE listings.

Setting up for Authorization

This tutorial goes over the initial setup of the program

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It is a good first check or if your not sure of things or are confused by the authorization step process to check out downloading active listings. That section ban be found here

To get Expired or Inactive listings, to do any of the batch modification steps, or to get at transaction information, the private authorization steps in the tutorial needs to be followed first. This procedure ONLY needs to be completed once. Afterwards this the information is stored on your computer.

Step by Step Actions to provide Authorization for Zetsy.

In review this is what is needed:

1) Select Settings | Get Authorization for Private Calls

2) This will bring up a browser window. You may be asked to login to your Etsy account at this time.

3) After logging in (or the prior step is skipped) You will see the following:

An application is trying to connect to your account. You are signed in as _________. An application Zetsy is trying to connect to your account. At the bottom of this screen is a blue button that states <Allow Access>. Select this.

4) A new screen will be displayed with Success and an alpha numeric code. Either type or cut and past this code to the text box at the top of this browser form that to the left states "Enter verification Code Here -> " . After entering select Authorization Code Here.

5) You should be returned to the main screen at this time. No error messages should occur

6) To check the status or remove the authorization go to Your Etsy account. On the left side where it says " Your Account" at the bottom of this list is should state <Apps>. Click this. All apps that you have given access to are shown. If the authorization step was successful, Zetsy should show up here. There is text on the right side that says <Remove>. Clicking this removes authorization for Zetsy. Do so will prevent Zetsy from most of its operations.


More Information

Giving Zetsy authorization resides on your computer as part of the program setup. This code allows access onto your Etsy account and saves the trouble of logging in to your account each time. This access code can be removed at any time by going to the apps section on Etsy as described above.


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