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Zetsy : A free tool for the Etsy Shop Owner!


Zetsy logo.Zetsy is our home-grown Windows application shop management tool for Etsy that helps a store owner in a number of ways. The project came from our own work with Etsy and needs to track information and product. The program downloads your store's information abd saves it an ACCESS 2007 database file. Information is displayed in a scrollable grid along with views and hearts in a graph. You do NOT need ACCESS to use this program. On-Line help is available. We have several tutorials going over the setup, operation, and features of the program from the menu on the left side of this web page. Zetsy is a stand-alone Windows program which runs under XP, Vista, and Win7.

Download the latest version here (Click the big Download button!)

A Laptop ComputerThe most current beta version was released here on October 21, 2012 (Ver 2.10.21)

This is a web-based install. After the first install, any upgrades will be installed automatically.

Be sure to check out our new Zetsy dedicated blog on this site.

If you like Zetsy please spread the word about its fetures and use. Don't like or feel we could do better? We would be glad to hear from you about issues your having. Drop us a line or visit our team.


You must set-up the Private listing authorization (OAuth); otherwise the program is limited to only donwloading your public active listings (see Initial setup Tutorial). An online tutorial on proper setup of the program is available (see left section under Zetsy Help)

Install Note : The Zetsy install procedure may ask to install needed files if Office 2007 is not on your system. If you do NOT have Office 2007 you must download the following files from Microsoft HERE first OR simply follow the instructions given during installation.

Current Features of Zetsy

See the Zetsy team on Etsy for the latest details on the program.

We are currently in the process of updating this site with all new tutorials coming.

>>>>> NEWEST Features<<<<<<


> Enahnced Report outputs (select any available font for your catalog or reports)

>Two forms of Inventory Tags: 2x4 and 1.25 x 7 which contains picture, Listing ID, price ( HELP is available)


> AutoRenew Timer. Select which items you wish to renew and the time increment between renews (HELP available)

> Revamped Interface using Office Ribbon Menus


Program features

(1) Add Watermarks and change the brightness to any of your shop listings images. Download the full size imgaes and save these.

(2) Web-based installation allows auto-updating of the program after initial install. One installation and ANY updates should occur automatically.

(3) View Activity feature. Ever wonder how many views you've had and on what products? This new feature allows you to see this easily. Save your shops listings first and then when you want ot see what views you've had since that time goto the activity tab and find out. Views over each time increment are shown. Click on the bar and the listing image is shown. Click on the image and the entire listing info is shown. Its that easy. Access to a table with all of the information in it. HELP available)

(4) * Graphics on Views and hearts are currently available. Easy "drill-down" graphing feature of bothe hearts and total views.. All downloaded listing views and hearts shown. Click on a bar and the listing image is shown. Click on the image and the listing info is shown. Easily see how you shop is doing.

(5) Reports & catalogs. Output your shops data to a printer, or as a pdf or html file. All 5 images from Etsy can now be downloaded, saved and added to a report/catalog

(6) Downloads Active, Inactive, Expired, and Sold Etsy Listings to a locally saved database file. Shop Information can also be displayed and saved to the database.

(7) Allows multiple changes of tags, descriptions, prices, shipping information, and titles. Tags, prices, descriptions, and titles can be filtered and sorted by a number of methods. Drag and drop Tag switching. Easiest way available to switch tag orders If you have a question on these features please see our forum

(8) Allows Sales which can be by percentage or a fixed amount off.

(9) Summarizes your transactions and allows grouping by various ways.

(10) Etsy tag finder. A feature in Zetsy where you type in a tag name and tags and their ranks are shown related to your tag.

(11) Program saves your listing information to a local disk. Once downloaded you not tied to an Internet connection for its use.

NOTE: You don't need ACCESS 2007 on your system, but if you do, all of the downloaded information is saved to a file which can be read by ACCESS. This allows users to create anything in ACCESS for themselves.

Cost of Zetsy

* FREE udring the beta period. All we ask is if you like Zetsy and wish it to be developed further you add one of our listings to a treasury and spread the word of our program. We do accpet and gladly take donations to cover our cost to maintain the servers (see our blog). We also ask that you visit Tools4Etsy and check them out as well. We're using their developer tool which has been a big help for us.

Previous version to download

With the new web-based installation, roll-backs can be accomplished on your computer. No need for installation.


Questions and Comments ?

Check the Zetsy team on Etsy for the latest info. We just started a forum here as well. Questions and comments from users can be found in either place. We are continually trying to improve this program and welcome comments from users. The direction we take the next improvement can come from you. We can't fiz a problem if we don't know about it. We currently know the program runs under Windows XP, Vista 32, Win7 (both 32 and 64 bit versions)

A Quick Overview of features?

A quick overview of the features that can be found in Zetsy. Individual tutorials of many of the features of Zetsy can be found on-line here.

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Stand-Alone INSTALL

A stand -alone version is no longer supported



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