Zetsy is currently a FREE application from Zimpro.  We also operate an Etsy shop, Milady Creations and use Zetsy to help operate it. Be sure to join our Etsy Team for the latest help and information about the program  Our Blog is full of "How To" instructions
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WELCOME to THE ZetsY Home Page

Zetsy is our home-grown Windows application shop management tool for Etsy that helps a store owner in a number of ways. Now in two flavors: A standard version and a more frequently updated beta version.  The project came from our needs with our Etsy shop.  The program downloads your store's information and saves to a local database file. Listing Information is displayed in a scrollable grid along with views and hearts in a graph.   On-Line help is available. We have several tutorials going over the setup, operation, and features of the program linked to this page.  Zetsy is a stand-alone Windows program which runs under all Windows OS from XP to Win8.   We support a team on Etsy with the latest information and help related to the program. Key features of the program are listed below.


  • NEW in beta test version!   Filter a listing group within your shop that can be used in ALL Zetsy functions
  • Review ALL editing Changes BEFORE they become live. Allow BACKUPS of your shop BEFORE Changes
  • Choose what type of listing you wish downloaded
  • Prpgram supports the use of MULTIPLE shops 
  • Shop Information downloaded into a single file.   For advanced users this database can be directly loaded by Microsoft Access or Excel.
  • Many Shop Functions in ONE program.
  • Windows program, your shops information is secured on YOUR local computer.
  • All information and images are saved and can be retrieved without an internet connection
  • NEW in beta testversion.  Filter a listing group within your shop that can be used in ALL Zetsy batch functions AND autorenew AND reports.


Feature Item Description Functions Special Features
Bulk Edits Listing Descriptions Add to Beginning, End , or Replace
Listing Titles Add to Beginning, End, or Replace
Listing Tags Add, Delete, Replace, Switch Drag and Drop tags
  Listing Shipping Cost Mark Up or Down by amount or %    
  Listing Price Mark Up or Down by amount or %    
  Image Add, Delete, Replace    
  Listing Quantity Replace    
Autorenew Renew Listings on a schedule      
Reports Price Tag Elongated Loop , Large sticker Bar Code included  
Catalog Output Several types with large and small images Modification of Standard Outputs Supported
Sales (Transactions)
Image Editing Watermarks Select position, font, and color    
  Modify Brighten or Darken    
Treasury List Links directly to the Treasury in which your item is featured    
Shop Summary Hearts per listing Show and link to item
  Views per listing   Show and link to item  
  Views per listing over elasped time   Show and link to item  
Listing Creation Create or Copy a Listing off-line Under Development
Accounting Ops     Under Development  



Installs the latest standard Zetsy version to your computer.
A quick installation gets you started using Zetsy.  After installation any future updates will be automatically downloaded when an internet connection is avaialble.   Additional information »

Installs a backward compatible Zetsy XP and Vista version to your computer.
After installation any future updates to the XP version will be automatically downloaded when an internet connection is avaialble.   DownloadXP version »

FREE - No kidding.
We want  you to try Zetsy and discover its power.  If you like it and use it tell us at our Etsy team page or elsewhere on Etsy. More »


Latest Beta version Downloaded Here
This is a beta version we're in the process of testing.  Updates are more common here! See the Etsy team for a description of the changes.   You can always go back to the standard version if needed.   More »


ZETSY  for your Etsy Store.

Zip through Etsy Store Managment