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Handmade Creations of Handbags, Holiday Creations, Code and so much more !

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The following tutorial goes over what it takes to set-up an autorenew que.

(1) From the listings table select those items you wish to go into the autofunction que

(2) Goto the Autorenewal page. If you need to delete an item select the row and select Delete

(3) Select from the drop down box an autorenew time and then <Add>

(4) The times for renewal will be place into the tanle row.

(5) Carefully look at the renewal cost. This is listed at the bottom of the grid.

(6) Start the Autorenew function. A warning will falsh up that you are about to start the autorenew process

(7) When an renewal takes place you will be notified by a box in the lower right of your computer screen. At that time the completion box will be checked along with the time the renewal takes place.

(8) For autorenew to take place, Zetsy MUST be running. You can minimuze the program if you wish.

(9) You can stop autorenew at any time by clicking the autonew running button OR simply clsojg the program. Zetsy is NOT a web-based program and resides and runs on your local computer. YOU have total control.



Creating and Running an Autorenew Que.

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