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Milady Creations

Handmade Creations of Handbags, Holiday Creations, Code and so much more !

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The Activity function of Zetsy is an easy graphical method of seeing views over time. It allows one to see the effect of renewing or other promotions. It's one of the features of Zetsy which sets it apart from others. The following tutorial goes over setting up an Activity view..

(1) Download your listings and save into a database. This database is your baseline

(2) Wait an increment of time of your choice and reoprn the saved database.

(3) Goto Incremental views on the menu bar or the Activity tab.

(4) Select download listings.

(5) A graph of the view since the last save of the database will show.

Creating and Viewing Activity.

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Other Info

(1) Saving the database again allows multiple time periods to be kept. Each colored bar in the cumulative stacked bar chart shows the views since the original baseline of the database.

(2) Clickling on any of the bars will display the main image of that item in the upper right hand corner. Clicking the picture will bring up the listing form of that listing.





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